As a writing teacher, I believe that there are 3 core principles that inform how we learn and grow as writers:

Write. To learn to write well, we must write often. What some might call rigor, I would call exercise and stamina, both of which demand an ability to focus and slog through obstacles.

Review. To learn to write well, we must also be able to recognize, not merely grammatical correctness or domain knowledge, but the cues of writing that locate a text in a particular genre and direct it to a particular audience. This requires an ability to review the writing of others and yourself.

Revise. No matter what level, all writers must revise. They must marshal the feedback given in peer or self-reviews and incorporate that feedback in the re-drafting of the text. Writers must determine what changes are needed, and, importantly, what should remain.

Recent Courses

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Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities
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