Network Graph of Discussion Board Posts

Network Graph of Discussion Board Posts

My research has involved examining rhetorical configurations of the human face in vernacular video texts that populate networks such as YouTube. I have focused on explaining how the assumptions about what constitutes a typical human face inflects discourses of celebrity, race, and international human rights campaigns.

As a post-doctoral research for MSU’s WIDE-MATRIX, I investigated how computational methodologies from linguistics, graph theory, and statistical natural language processing can inform the theories and methods of a computational rhetoric.

In my current capacity as an Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Rhode Island, I am involved in long term research study of how computational approaches can be used to improve student peer review. Additionally, I build web apps that use machine learning to conduct automatic rhetorical analysis. One such web app project is the Faciloscope.

The Faciloscope grew out of a IMLS grant-funded study of informal learning practices supervised by an assortment of museums, including the Science Museum and Minnesota.